Enable HTTPS for Your Website

SSL certificates protect all sensitive and private data transferring via websites and online systems.

SSL products gain trust from end-customers and boost sales by increasing conversions.

SSL help to get higher ranking positions since Google added SSL certs to its algorithm.

Google Chrome to display a 'NOT SECURE' warning on websites without an SSL certificate.

SSL Certificates

HostingBuy provides all possible SSL certificates available on the market.

Domain Validation SSL

  • Protect small websites and non-e-commerce platforms

  • Do not require any business/organization as no paperwork involved

  • Get it in minutes for as low as $3.22 per year

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Business Validation SSL

  • Help increase conversions and protect every single bit of information transferred via your website

  • Ensure your visitors can check your business name, address and verified organization number

  • OV/BV certificates build high trust level

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Extended Validation SSL

  • Only SSL equipped with Green Address Bar with your verified company name inside

  • The most trusted certs we provide

  • Statistics shows that EV certs may increase sales up to 17,3%

  • It takes 5-7 working days to pass validation process.

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Wildcard SSL Certificates

  • Great cost-savers as protect unlimited sub-domains for the base domain

  • Most Wildcard SSL comes with unlimited server licensing

  • Possible to install them on all your servers and devices

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Multi-Domain Certificates

  • Protect all your corporate websites, mail servers or any other systems with only one SSL certificate

  • Protect up to 250 SAN items with Multi-Domain SSL certificates. Each SAN element can be used as for domain as well as for sub-domains

  • Have complete compatibility with MS Exchange servers

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SGC SSL Certificates

  • Help gain highest 256-bit protection to all archaic 40-bit browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0/6.0.

  • Bring highest security and compatibility level with every single browser

  • We offer Single Domain, Wildcard and EV SSL with SGC support

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Code Signing Certificates

  • Ensure downloaded software has no 3rd party changes in the code

  • Verifies publisher's identity and maintains content authenticity

  • Creates a trusted sales outlet and improves customer confidence

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Email & Document Signing

  • Protect personal correspondence and ensure your partners and end-customers the e-mails they receive are original and signed by your personal signature

  • Allowing to sign your e-mails or documents like PDF

  • Fully trusted by all major email clients and internet browsers

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